Euclid Overview


Euclid RCM

Are you struggling to optimize the efficiency of your revenue cycle? Can’t find a software solution that has the features you need without the enterprise-level cost? Euclid RCM is the choice for billing services companies, healthcare providers, and hospitals.



Accelerate Revenue Growth



Explore the Features that Make Euclid RCM the Best Choice

Increase the speed and profitability of your medical operations through Euclid RCM, the most affordable, flexible, and reliable cloud-based software in today’s market.

Revenue Growth

  • Increase collection rates
  • Accelerate speed to payment
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reduction in denials and A/R balances

Comprehensive Functionality

  • Real time eligibility checking
  • Comprehensive and automated claim scrubbing and submissions
  • Functionality covering the scope of the patient revenue cycle: scheduling, billing, and claims processing
  • Robust reporting
  • Denial management and fully integrated workflow

Customer Experience

  • Affordable, cloud-based pricing model
  • Designed and built by industry experts
  • Best of class end user support
  • Enhancement requests delivered in days or weeks, not months or years

What Makes Euclid the Best Choice for Your Business?


Your Revenue Cycle Challenges: Euclid Has the Solution

Every organization that relies on an efficient medical billing process struggles with common challenges. Euclid RCM, designed and built by operational experts, has the solutions to resolve the biggest barrier to having a truly optimized flow of revenue.

Claim Denials
Prevent denials from occurring: comprehensive eligibility and claims testing

Patients Don't Know What They Owe
Euclid provides real-time eligibility data, allowing you to accurately inform your patients of the total amount owed for their visit.

Slow Flow of Revenue
Go from revenue cycle management to a proactive and predictable revenue cycle

Software Vendors Who Don't Know Your Business
Tailored to your business, by a team that has lived in your world

Unclean Claims
Have the confidence that claims are paid without multiple corrections and resubmissions

Poor System Integration
Built-in clearinghouse and integration with most common payers and EHRs