Euclid Experience

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A Day in the Life of a Euclid User


8:00 am

The day begins: today’s schedule is full, but thanks to Euclid’s integrated scheduling, claims & billing functions, the team knows a packed schedule will be a breeze.

8:45 am

Patient checked in and seen by her primary care provider.

9:45 am

Bill is automatically generated by Euclid, after the system checks the patient’s coverage and ensures claim made to payor will be completely clean.
Customer Service

11:30 am

With all the time saved by Euclid’s claim and billing automation, back office staff are able to make follow up calls on past due charges.
Customer Service

2:00 pm

Euclid’s automation also frees up time for office staff to focus more attention on providing exceptional customer service in response to patient inquiries.
Day Over

4:30 pm

At the end of the work day, the office team can rest easy, assured that there is no backlog of bills and claims from the day, and that revenue will now flow quickly and easily.

Euclid: The Right Fit for Your Medical Billing Needs

Why not modernize your practice with the most up to date software on the market? Euclid is a fully integrated billing platform that stretches across multiple specialties, platforms and services. Euclid offers unique benefits to meet the needs of billing service companies, health care providers and hospital systems.

Billing Service Companies

  • Unified platform to use across all clients, regardless of their EHR
  • Reduce labor costs an average of 20%
  • Accelerate the speed to drop bills and process claims, resulting in faster reimbursement turn around for your clients

Healthcare Providers

  • Simple integration with most EHR products
  • Cutting edge automation: eligibility checking, EOB, and claims filing
  • Comprehensive functionality: scheduling, billing, and claims processing
  • Robust analytics tools to evaluate provider productivity and profitability


  • Easy integration with most Hospital EHRs
  • Avoid customers selecting multiple systems by ensuring accurate integration and timely claims processing
  • Provide patients immediately with their owed portion of testing
  • Supports partial-payment and write-off portions of fees associated with VBC contracts

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